Candidate Process


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Kick start your job search by entering your basic information and telling us what you are looking for in a job.


Analyze your Skills

Get on with your search by taking up short tests to identify your personality, preferences, values, skills, strengths and weaknesses.


Check your Results

Hurray! You can now view your report and find out your VILS Personality Traits scores on your dashboard. Let us match your skills to your dream job!


Human Resources Process (HR)

Design the Role

Take a 6-minutes survey to design the job role. Using the Match Criteria Survey, we help your hiring team easily outline the qualities for the ideal candidate you are looking for.

Evaluate all Candidates

Evaluate the candidates before you even meet them, using the VILS Discovery Survey. Team up with the candidates to use an online assessment- simple, unbiased and scientifically designed - to evaluate the required skills.

Hire the Best Candidate

Pick the best man/woman for the job. View the VILS Match Scores of all your candidates, compare their skills, and pick the one with the skill set that best matches your job description. Ensure the best person-job fit using this streamlined process.

Know and Train your In-House Team

Train your team to excel. You design and develop training programs for the in-house employees to hone their skills. We help you identify those skills that your employees need to be trained in. With the VILS Talent Grow-a talent-based professional development guide, we can ensure that your employees receive the right training they require. We identify the skills-you design the training!

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